How the Covid pandemic led us to E(U) Leaders

The Covid pandemic caught too many people unprepared to work remotely. A lot of companies did not have the appropriate time and conditions to prepare their employees to work in a new e-environment. This fact had caused several issues regarding the performance of their employees and the companies themselves.

 All companies and organisations tried to smoothen the transition sometimes successfully and sometimes unsuccessfully. In moments of crisis like the Covid pandemic, leadership plays a crucial role. Leaders have to become fast e-leaders.

But what is the difference between leaders and e-leaders?

What is the difference between leadership and e-leadership?

E-leadership refers to people conducting all their leadership tasks and activities through electronic channels. Therefore, the main difference between the traditional leader and the e-leader is the environment in which each one operates.

How will entrepreneurs/ employers/ leaders/ managers (as well as VET trainers, educators and mentors) will develop their strategic e-leadership skills?

The answer is about to be given with the implementation of E(U) Leaders project!

EU leaders project

The aim of EU Leaders project is to foster the competitiveness and productivity of businesses and organizations, through the development of strategic e-leadership skills necessary for entrepreneurs/ employers/ leaders/ managers (as well as VET trainers, educators, and mentors) to manage their teams effectively and efficiently within virtual working environments.

In order to spread its aim, the partnership has already created the essential appropriate dissemination material.

Dissemination Material of E(U) Leaders

The partnership has been working on the creation of the dissemination material since the begging of the project. The dissemination of the project is of outmost importance as in this way, people across Europe will learn its aim and learn through its results how to become e-leaders who display strategic leadership, business, and ICT savviness.

For the above cause, the material and the website of the project will be translated in 6 languages.

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