The 4th newsletter and our next steps!

The 4th newsletter

We are more than excited sharing with you our 4th newsletter. The E(U) Leaders Project’s mission is to meet the new era of leadership, equipped with digital tools and e-leadership skills. We encourage you to explore our published project results and join us in this transformative journey. Together, we are shaping the future of leadership, one innovative step at a time.

In our 4th newsletter you will learn more about our developed multilingual project results, which are the following:

  1. Guidebook of inclusion of best practices on suitable digital working environments.
  2. e-Leadership Model adopted within tech-based and non-tech-based organisations.
  3. e-Leaders High-tech Course.
  4. e-learning platform for Leaders.
  5. Certification framework for the e-leadership skills.

Next steps.

Partners have just held the piloting phase of the e-learning platform for Leaders and the Certification framework for the e-leadership skills, where over 30 e-team leaders participated.

In the following period, a series of Multiplier Events will be taking place in Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Germany, and Slovenia. Furthermore, partners will meet in the Netherlands for the project’s final conference and the last Transnational Project meeting.

 Learn more about our 4th newsletter and stay tuned!


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