The value of catch-up meetings for E-leaders- featured

Catch-up meeting as a good practice in E-leadership

The project partnership held fortnightly on-line catch-up meetings to monitor the development of the tasks and to transfer knowledge and experiences digitally. These catch-up meetings signify the application of the knowledge acquired throughout the project and represent the effectiveness of the project’s objective of promoting the competitiveness and productivity of enterprises and organisations through the development of strategic e-leadership skills necessary for entrepreneurs / employers / leaders / managers (as well as VET trainers, educators, and mentors) to manage their teams effectively and efficiently in virtual working environments.

A catch-up meeting, also known as follow-up meeting, is a meeting held to review progress or updates since the last meeting or check-in. The purpose of an update meeting is to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that any issues or concerns are addressed in a timely manner.

The role of a catch-up meeting is to provide a forum for team members or stakeholders to report progress, share information, ask questions, and identify any obstacles or challenges that may be impeding progress. Catch-up meetings are particularly important for e-leadership, where frequent updates and coordination are needed to ensure a project stays on track. Furthermore, catch-up meetings can help build cohesion and collaboration in the team by providing opportunities for team members to share ideas and perspectives. Catch-up meetings can also help foster a culture of accountability and transparency, where team members are expected to report on their progress and identify any issues that may be affecting their work.

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More broadly, the role of catch-up meetings in e-leadership is to promote effective communication, coordination and problem solving within a team or organisation. By regularly checking in and reviewing progress, e-leaders can help team members to stay focused on their goals and work together more efficiently towards a common goal.


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