Final Transnational Project Meeting & Conference, in Rotterdam.

Final Transnational Project Meeting.

In the very beginning of November (01.11-02.11) our partners met, for their last time in person, in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The meeting was hosted by our Dutch partner organisation, Nefinia.

Partners had the chance to discuss thoroughly the project, its milestones, each project result and their final steps, as their heading towards the end of this marvelous journey. All five (5) project results are ready and available to the users, free of charge.

Our mission towards the new leadership era is accomplished. We have successfully created a range of tools to foster the competitiveness and productivity of businesses and organizations, through the development of strategic e-leadership skills necessary for entrepreneurs / employers / leaders / managers (as well as VET trainers, educators, and mentors) to manage their teams effectively and efficiently within virtual working environments.

Through the E(U) Leaders project, the following multilingual and free of charge, tools were developed:

  1. Guidebook of inclusion of best practices on suitable digital working environments.
  2. e-Leadership Model adopted within tech-based and non-tech-based organisations.
  3. e-Leaders High-tech Course.
  4. e-learning platform for Leaders.
  5. Certification framework for the e-leadership skills.

Visit our tools here!

We have also created a community platform where e-leaders can have the chance to exchange ideas, best practices and communicate with each other.

Learn more about e-leaders community here!

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Final Conference in Rotterdam.

The final conference of the project was held in Nefinia, in Rotterdam, on the 3rd of November and it was a success. Several participants, along with the project partners, had the chance to participate in a dynamic and interactive conference. After the project presentation and the speakers’ presentations, participants were divided into three (3) groups, shared their thoughts with each other and presented their conclusions about e-leadership to all. The idea was to think about the needed skills and competencies that e-leaders should have.

Several questions were raised, and we were happy to share with the participants, that all of them are answered in our project results.

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Stay tuned to learn more about the multiplier events that were held in Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Slovenia, and Germany!

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