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Improve your e-leadership!

For successful e-leadership we need to display strategic leadership, and business and ICT savviness. However, after the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the digitalization of communication and work processes, managers and business owners are hard pressed to keep track of new advancements, gain new skills, and simultaneously create new products and services that are in line with new customer and employee requests — it is quite a tall order indeed. Where to start? Have you ever wondered…

  • How is digital technology making it easier for businesses to connect with people?
  • What are other organizations and businesses experimenting with right now?
  • What examples of digital transformation stand out in your field?
  • How can you creatively and successfully transfer events to online and hybrid formats?
  • How can you harness new technologies such as virtual and augmented reality for your endeavor?


As leaders, we need to foster a certain culture of transformation and adapt our style of leadership. We need to be comfortable with change and new ways of thinking and also need to encourage this in our employees. In this sense, digital transformation goes hand-in-hand with New Work. Each company/organization has their own individual way towards digital transformation, so it is hard to give invariable pointers of what to look for when searching for good practices.

However, a successful digital transformation always involves the use of digital products in line with what the company/organization offers, digitalization as an enhancement of the original idea or product, creative new solutions, and innovation. Make sure to look beyond your usual horizon! Keep an open mind and keep your own goals and needs in perspective.

If you do, creative digital transformation can create a plethora of opportunities: For example, you will be able to reach a wider audience, as you and your business are not restricted to your geographical location anymore. You might find new formats or ways of presenting content (online shops, streaming events, VR/AR presentations) in your organization or new ways of teaching, and learning. You can customize your offer to users, learners, and customers more specifically and collect feedback more easily. You can find new ways of working within your company such as remote work for staff, online networking, and easier international cooperation. This also means creating new ways of generating income and optimizing workflows. Sounds intriguing, right?

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To help you on your way to success, the Erasmus+ project Creative Digital Transformation has created an online course specifically for managers and business owners which provides you with the knowledge needed for the whole process of design, creation, production, promotion and implementation of your products or services to adapt them to the current demands. In 7 modules, the course helps:


  • to improve the quality, the attractiveness, and the outreach of your products, services,activities, and events
  • to identify new market niches for your business
  • to tackle new needs and demands of your audiences
  • to adapt your products and activities by integrating new technological tools and strategies
  • to learn how to use all your teams’ creativity to develop new and innovative products

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Although the course is originally designed for people working in the fields of culture, education, and tourism, the main concepts and contents are absolutely transferable. Themes include, for example, finding and operating the right online platforms and tools to adapt and display objects, the successful digitalization of events through video recording, streaming and broadcasting, and the process of creating new online products.

Beyond the compulsory modules 1 and 7, you will be able to pick the single units that interest you according to your needs and interests. Upon completion of 4 units in total you will receive a certification recognizing the skills that you gained. Furthermore, Module 7 will give you a possibility to present your vision for creative digital transformation and connect with other people who are on the journey with you! Registration is possible via The course is available in English, German, Italian, Romanian, Estonian and Spanish, and the course is free of charge.

Improve your e-leadership! image3The Creative Digital Transformation journey is designed to support you at every step of our own digital transformation. There also is a map of European Good Practices which provides inspiration through success stories coming from all over Europe. You can find more in-depth explorations of related topics in the news section of the website. And there is a series of webinars being produced on how introduce creative processes in your work!

To keep in touch, follow the project on Facebook and LinkedIn to improve your e-leadership!!


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