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Six (6) advantages of working from home!

Covid-19 has forced many employers to allow employees to work from home. But what started as a necessity is now becoming a popular working model across Europe.

Here are some of the reasons why teleworking is becoming so popular:

Increased quality and productivity.

Teleworking allows employees to spend more time with family and loved ones and maintain a good work-life balance. Many studies say this is key to being happy at work, and happy employees perform better. In addition, working in open offices can often be less productive due to distractions and a general lack of privacy.

More time to work.

Many employees, especially those in larger cities, can spend hundreds of hours a year commuting to and from work. This commute is not only mentally and physically stressful, but also time-consuming – and time is precious for people with heavy workloads. This again relates to the point above about productivity.

More savings for all.

Flexible workplaces also bring financial benefits for employer and employees. With fewer people working in the office, companies can save on utility costs or reduce the budget for office snacks and workplace activities. At the same time, employees save on transport costs, workwear purchases and food costs. In addition, many companies have their offices in large cities where the cost of living is high. Teleworking allows employees to work in cheaper locations and thus afford a better quality of life.

More employment opportunities.

Companies that allow teleworking have more options when recruiting new staff. Employers are no longer limited to hiring people who live within commuting distance of the office or who are willing to move there. Teleworking allows companies to find the perfect candidate, regardless of their location, and save on relocation costs.

Less sick leave.

Working from home doesn’t sound so bad if you have a cold or indigestion. Mildly ill employees can still get most of their work done if they don’t have to go to the office. This also prevents the spread of viruses in the workplace.

Technology is available.

Covid-19 has been the biggest driver of digital transformation, showing companies around the world that employees don’t need to be in offices to get their work done. With so many online tools available, all employees need is a good internet connection, and they can collaborate and communicate remotely, while employers can track their progress and monitor their work.

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